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Welcome to E-Krec Inc., your number one source for all agricultural commodities. We're dedicated to giving you the best of raw food, with a focus on quality, competitiveness and customer service. Founded in 2020 by Jean Marc and Marie-Claude Krecoum, E-Krec has come a long way from its beginnings in a home office in Brampton, Canada. When Jean Marc and Marie-Claude first started this company, their passion for good, organic food drove them to do intense research on how to bring the best agricultural commodities from the West African farms to the rest of the world and gave them the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming online store. The company now serves customers all over the world and is thrilled to be a part of the fair trade wing of the commodities trade industry. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat produced from the shea tree's nuts. It can be recognized with an off-white or ivory tint and it is generally solid at warm temperatures. Shea butter has been utilised as a cosmetic ingredient for the end number of ages.

Hair conditioners, face lotions, lip balms, body washes, foot lotions, and other natural self-care products contain shea butter. It acts as an emollient which helps in softening and hydrating your skin.

Shea butter also protects the skin from toxins in the environment. Yellow shea butter is the best option in terms of potential skin benefits.


Indian food relies heavily on spices and aromatics. They've been around since the dawn of time. Flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, and bulbs (nature's most basic components) are combined in an unlimited number of combinations to create an infinite number of flavours: sweet, sour, spicy, aromatic, acidic, mild, fragrant, or pungent.

Food, flour, animal feed, alcohol, starches for sizing paper and textiles, sweeteners, prepared foods, and biodegradable items are all made from Spices. The goods are made from a variety of Spices sources, including fresh leaves and roots as well as modified Spices starch. Spices is used to treat fatigue, dehydration in diarrhoea patients, sepsis, and to induce birth.


Soyabean, also known as soja bean or Soyabean bean, is an edible seed from an annual legume in the pea family. Soyabean is the most economically important bean. It provides vegetable protein to millions of people and also the ingredients for hundreds of chemical goods.

Soyabean products are largely utilised to deliver essential AAs to diets fed to birds, livestock, and companion animals. The cheapest and healthiest food is Soyabean. Because of their high nutritional value and medicinal properties, soy milk and similar food products are becoming increasingly popular around the world.


We sell high-quality cotton and its products, and we make certain that the items we sell are cost-effective. We've made it our mission to bring you the greatest cotton items on the market. Our company sells 100% cotton textiles, both plain and printed, at the most competitive prices. This fabric can be used to create stunning ensembles such as kurtis, sarees, and stoles.

Cotton is known for its adaptability, durability, and inherent comfort. Cotton's strength and absorbency make it suitable for apparel and homewares, as well as industrial products such as tarpaulins, tents, hotel sheets, army uniforms, and even astronauts' attire.

Pea Nuts

The peanut (Arachis hypogaea), also known as groundnut, goober, pindar, or monkey nut in the United States, is a legume crop grown for its edible seeds. It is commonly grown in the tropics and subtropics, and it is used by both small and large commercial growers. Peanuts, like soybeans, lentils, and other legumes, are edible seeds that grow in pods.

Pea nuts are a popular and delicious nut. They can be eaten with or without salt, and they can be roasted or plain. They can be used in a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishesPeanuts are used to manufacture oil, peanut butter, confections, roasted peanuts and snack products, meat extenders, soups, and sweets in most parts of the world.


Because we are a quality-driven organisation, we only buy coconuts from reputable merchants and farmers. We have a large selection of coconuts. Desiccated coconut is the meat of a fresh and mature coconut that has been de-shelled, peeled, rinsed, processed, bleached, dried, transported, and hygienically packed. Before being packed, the brown skin of a natural coconut is removed and the pulp is hygienically dried.

It's found in confectioneries, candies, pastries, and ice creams. Our specialty is low-fat desiccated coconut. In their sanitary production factory, our employees use cutting-edge technology and innovative equipment to process coconuts.

Cocoa Beans

The dried and fully fermented fatty seed of Theobroma cacao from which cocoa solids and cocoa butter are extracted is known as the cocoa bean, also known as cacao bean, cocoa, or cacao. They're used to make chocolate and a variety of Mesoamerican dishes like mole sauce. The seed coat, which encases the cocoa kernel and almost entirely consists of the two folded cotyledons, and the radicle, make up the cocoa bean.

The cocoa kernel is the most important component in cocoa production. The product can be used to make cocoa powder, which can then be utilised in beverages, chocolates, and desserts.

Coffee Beans

Antioxidants and caffeine are contained in coffee beans. They are known to have anti-inflammatory effects which helps to prevent you from some diseases while also boosting your energy and mood. Our coffee beans come from renowned coffee farms all around the world, and are meticulously handpicked for the most aromatic Arabica and highest grade Robusta beans.

Coffee beans are roasted to the appropriate roasting degree using our technical skill in roasting, enhancing the rich scent of each coffee bean origin. Our roasted coffee beans are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 500g to 2.3kg.


The pineapple is a tropical plant with an edible fruit that can be found in any grocery store and is a common household item in many countries. Pineapples are high in flavonoids and phenolic acids, two antioxidants that protect cells from free radicals that can cause disease.

A few slices of fresh pineapple a day can aid your digestion by cleaning the body's organs and blood, raise your energy intake and boost metabolism, nourish your hair, skin, nails, and teeth, and keep you generally healthy - plus it tastes fantastic!


A yam is a tropical root vegetable that looks like a potato and thrives in warm climates. Yam flesh can be white, yellow, pink, or purple in colour, and has a sweet, bitter, or insipid flavour. The acrid essence in most yams is dissipated during cooking. Yams are starchy veggies that are cooked.

They're frequently boiled before being mashed into a thick paste or dough. Yams can be cooked, boiled, mashed, shredded, or sliced into chunks, just like potatoes.


Cassava is a perennial plant with large, almost palmate (fan-shaped) leaves that are similar to those of the related castor-oil plant, but are more deeply divided into five to nine lobes. Food, flour, animal feed, alcohol, starches for sizing paper and textiles, sweeteners, prepared foods, and biodegradable items are all made from cassava.

The goods are made from a variety of cassava sources, including fresh leaves and roots as well as modified cassava starch. Cassava is used to treat fatigue, dehydration in diarrhoea patients, sepsis, and to induce birth.

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